4 ways to put a Spring in your step

The Easter holiday is over now and the kids are back at school. But even though the holiday has faded Spring has only just begun! The birds are chirping and the lambs are frolicking in the fields. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be bounding about just like the young ‘uns so I’m giving you four ways to keep yourself fresh in the coming months.

  • Get active; get outside!  Regular exercise is key in keeping you mentally healthy as well as physically toned. If you want to start slowly that’s fine but better to start than do nothing at all. We recommend half an hour of brisk walking as a great place to begin. It’s also important to get your daily dose of Vitamin D so better to exercise out in the fresh air than in a gym.

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  • Eat healthily! If you’re eating junk food every day you’re not going to be the brightest spark in the class. Listen to your mother when she says eat your five a day. Healthy living starts with a healthy diet! You don’t need to completely revamp your diet, start by upping your water intake and adding more fruit and veg in rather than taking things out.
  • Get out and volunteer! Why not give up a couple hours of your time this Spring helping someone out? It could be doing a good deed every day or volunteering at your local wildlife centre. The Wildlife Trusts are always looking for volunteers if you need any ideas. Working with a new group of people can help you make a new set of friends and also puts that Spring in your step.



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  • Get enough sleep! Did you know how much a good nights sleep can affect your day? You’ll feel more inspired and motivated and your concentration, energy, and focus will be tons better too. It is a lot easier to concentrate on day to day tasks when you’re not dazed from sleep. Experts recommend that we spend less time in our bedrooms and keep to regular bedtimes.

I hope my blog post will be of use to you in the future and I’ll see some of you bounding about this Spring. If I’ve encouraged any of you to get outdoors please let me know in the comments 🙂 Thank you for reading.

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