5 top tips for walking in the wet

Despite the Met Office and their new storm system predicting the worlds end every other week nothing beats battling the elements. There’s really nothing more thrilling than stepping outdoors when mother nature is having a little fun!*

So here are my top five tips on how to enjoy a walk in the rain:

  • Walk with a friend. Two is often better than one and safer too when you’re walking in bad weather. In addition to walking with a companion you should always notify someone of your whereabouts in case you get injured or lost (much more likely in wet weather). You should always take a waterproof map with you and plan your route beforehand. We recommend you use¬†our local area walking maps as they are conveniently pocket sized, waterproof and use OS data at an easy to read scale. Click here to be taken to the website.IMG_3387.jpg
  • Visit a river or a waterfall. Walking in the wet can get depressing if you don’t enjoy one of the main benefits, the views. Water in turmoil is wonderfully dramatic and gives your walk a purpose. Obviously don’t walk too close for obvious reasons ūüėõ I don’t recommend climbing up too high in bad weather as it can be very dangerous and you can get quite chilly with the rain and wind blowing up a hoolie. Stay on conventional paths and under trees for protection from the weather.
  • Walking boots for wet weather. Unfortunately walking and running shoes are not water resistant. Waterproofed hiking boots are available or you could wear gaiters over the top of them to prevent any rainwater seeping in.
  • Keep your walk short, but not too short. Walking in the rain can become disheartening as the damp starts to seep in and you begin to feel depressed. We recommend you cut your walk relatively short to avoid the harshest of the Winter walking blues! Be sensible when cutting down your mileage and keep those miles up; we don’t want you cutting your walk in half. ūüôāCat_and_Fiddle_public_house_-_geograph.org.uk_-_40707
  • Finish up in a great pub. The idea of that meal will get you walking that extra mile when you’re wet and tired. There’s nothing better than drying off next to a roasting log fire and eating steak pie and chips (or whatever you fancy).

But most importantly make sure you have fun in the rain. Splash in some puddles, catch raindrops on your tongue, release your inner child and remember rainy days are fun days ūüôā


*I’m not encouraging you to walk in 80mph winds. You need to consider personal safety at all times especially if you live in the more Northerly parts of Britain where flooding is prevalent.


How to make a Giving and Living

We’ve had a great week at¬†Yellow Publications. Not only did we receive great news on a personal level¬†but, as I’m sure you’re aware, we’ve been at the Giving and Living Home and Gifts trade show at Westpoint, Exeter which went exceedingly well.


Many customers old and new visited us on Sunday through to Wednesday. We had a wonderful time,¬†talked a lot about the great outdoors and made lots of new friends as well as welcoming old faces. Just to mention a few regular customers: Dartmoor National Park, Ocean Blue and South Devon Railway dropped by to reorder and, as always, it was lovely to see them again in addition to many other regulars who know who they are ūüôā We love you all!

We look forward to working with all our new customers in the future. Seaton Jurassic and Shakspeare Glass and Arts along with others were particularly enthusiastic about the maps and ordered on the day! The historical Jurassic Coast is not only a UNESCO world heritage site but an adventure in itself if you choose to venture forth and explore. Shakspeare Glass and Arts is based in Langport and in addition to the entertaining glass blowing lessons they run on site Langport is a scenic location and a haven for both walkers and cyclists. The Langport walking festival is run annually and a great deal of fun if you live or are on holiday in Somerset county.


All in all, Giving and Living was a successful endeavour. I recommend it to all small businesses based in the South West¬†dealing in the gift trade. Next on our radar is the Spring Fair on the 7-11th February, a much larger fair based in Birmingham at the NEC. If we’ll see you there feel free to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We like to keep in contact and we’re up for a chat about maps and the great outdoors!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 14.06.00.png

Our Yellow Atlas is also a¬†finalist in the accessories category of the UK Outdoor Industry Awards! I realise this is getting a tad annoying but the fair is coming up soon so it’ll all be over soon *sigh of relief*.¬†If you’re a long distance walker our Yellow Atlas is by far our best product, with the best coverage¬†at a bargain price. Take for example¬†our¬†Brecon Beacons atlas, it covers the entirety of the Beacon Way at 1:40000¬†for ¬£11.99.¬†

So please vote here and be in with the possibility of winning a free sample! ūüôā







Five ways to lose those Christmas calories

We all eat a little too much over Christmas and New Year: seconds and thirds of Christmas Dinner and we mustn’t forget numerous tins of chocolates and nibbles, which you never count at the time but regret terribly come January. Here are five simple ways to shed those pesky Christmas calories:

  • Walk it off! Did you know walking is the number one way to trim your waistline? It’s better than working out in the gym or even a daily jog for losing that muffin top, so if you intend to shed those pounds get outside and start walking. Remember to set realistic goals however, one or two pounds a week is a reasonable target.


  • Stay hydrated. A lot of people often mistake hunger for thirst so will eat rather than drink water. If you’re craving a snack of some sorts ensure you’re not dehydrated by having a glass of water and seeing if you’re still hungry twenty minutes later. If you replace sodas and other sugary drinks with h20 then not only will you start to feel healthier but you can lose up to 5% of your body weight
  • Eat early.¬†There is a myth that eating late at night will make you pile on the pounds. If you eat dinner early then not only will you feel more energised in the morning leaving time for early morning walks but¬†you won’t suffer bloating and you’ll sleep a lot better… leading on to my next point.


  • Catch enough ZZZZs. A¬†regular adult needs 8 hours of sleep a night. Any less or any more and you will be suffering “metabolic grogginess” – an awesome¬†term coined by the researchers at the University of Chicago. The idea here is if you have one bad nights sleep it increases the likelihood of having a bad nights sleep the following night until you become severely sleep deprived.¬†And do you really think you’re going to be wanting to go out for a ramble after a bad nights sleep?
  • Go easy on the alcohol!¬†Everyone drinks a lot¬†over Christmas. Few know how many liquid calories they’re consuming however and be willing to pay the price. Two standard glasses of wine would take fifty two¬†minutes to walk off and two pints of cider would take one hour and forty two minutes to burn off. ¬†I recommend you cut you alcohol intake in¬†half. While losing inches off your waistline, you will be saving your hard-earned¬†dosh and preventing further liver damage. All in a new years resolution!

If¬†you slip up don’t fret,¬†just take it a day¬†at a time. As I’ve said prior to this anything is doable in twenty-four hours.¬†If you do take my advice please check out our website for local area pocket walking maps¬†and if you like what you see you could click here to vote¬†for the Yellow Atlas in the UK Outdoor Industry Awards (we’re a finalist in the accessories category).

Keeping to your New Years Resolutions

We make them and break them and props to you if you’ve made a New Years Resolution and kept to it. I’m about as good as keeping my resolutions as I am at flying an aeroplane (terrible if you must know). So when making my resolutions this New Year I decided I needed some advice. I talked it over with family and friends, as they were relatively more successful than me in keeping to their goals. The tips and worldly wise tricks I received are listed below:^9FCAE47D44FED578E517FC79352EF6C4CD7FBD5825B8F15D8A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Be realistic in your choices: Don’t reach for the stars. If you’ve never run in your life then you can’t run an ultra-marathon in a month. It’s likely the immensity of your goal will overwhelm you and you won’t get anywhere if you aim too high. If you want to run a race take baby steps, build up slowly and you’ll be running that ultra-marathon in no time at all.

Reward yourself: And I don’t mean binge on fast food if you’re giving up McDonalds and KFC. There are plenty of ways to reward yourself without letting yourself go. Celebrate your victories without breaking your resolutions! You could go surfing with your friends or out to the cinema to see a film you’d all enjoy. You’ll find there are plenty of ways of having fun without forfeiting your resolutions.

Stick to your guns: Don’t give up at the first hurdle! It takes a little over twenty days for a new habit to form so it’s not going to be second nature overnight. Be persistent and realistic and you’ll find it gets easier as time goes on. Take it one day at a time and don’t get hung up on your mistakes.

New years resolutions are all about giving up bad habits and picking up something new but in the midst of this in can be quite easy¬† to forget the one most important thing. Have fun ūüôā